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Congratulations on your good taste and intelligence in visiting my site – I like you already. Check out my book trailer and all of the extras, and get ready to run and fight and chase back. Sara Jane’s a bad-ass, from COLD FURY to FLICKER & BURN, to the final installment in 2014, EMBERS & ASH.
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Watch the official book trailer, and then head to the BOOKS section to find out more about the second installment in the COLD FURY trilogy, watch how T.M. Goeglein got in trouble while shooting his location tour videos, and order your own copy online.

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Artifacts of the Snow

It was fifty degrees yesterday. The sun was warm and enveloping, and the light was bright, unimpeded by heavy clouds. On such a day, it’s impossible not to hope for daffodils reaching for the sky and baby leaf buds revealing themselves.

I spied, in order, an old boot without a heel, a mummified burrito, and lots and lots of dog crap

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COLD FURY Book Cover FLICKER & BURN Book Cover

"Cold Fury" was published on July 24, 2012 in hardcover and released in paperback in June 2013.

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"Flicker & Burn" was published in hardcover on August 20, 2013.

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