“Blood and Ice Cream Don’t Mix”

A Guest Post by T.M. Goeglein on “Books Live Forever” – Today’s Stop on the Official Penguin Book Blog Tour for FLICKER & BURN

Picture it. A thin, androgynous being clad head to toe in a black, skin-tight latex suit, with only the face visible. Its flesh is as pale as the underbelly of a dead fish. The thing – male or female? – blinks once, revealing eyes the unnatural hue of electric cherries.

And then, ever so slowly, it laps a tongue at a crimson-hued ice cream cone.

In FLICKER & BURN, my protagonist, Sara Jane Rispoli, is pursued through the streets of Chicago by a mysterious enemy who wants something specific – an enzyme floating in Sara Jane’s blood. To that end, he has marshaled a small army of humanoids fueled by a dangerous substance hidden in ice cream. Every lick increases their viciousness.

The mafia thriller continues in FLICKER & BURN, with a new subtext – addiction.

The drug in the ice cream significantly reshapes the bodies of its users, making them feel sexy and attractive, while eating away part of their brains; an overwhelming need to recreate themselves literally turns them into monsters. At the same time, another character – a former child actress – desperately tries to recapture the fame and adulation that has slipped away. She needs to feel the love of an audience; it’s her personal drug.

For me, the subject of addiction was both easy and difficult to write about. The idea of people allowing themselves to become infected with drugs or egotism was fascinating. But showing the devastating effect it has on my characters hurt a little. Some are easy to hate because they do reprehensible things, but all deserve pity; hypnotized by desire, they realize only too late that the traps they’re snared in were set by themselves.

Click here to see a page from Sara Jane’s ancient mob notebook!

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Posted by T.M. Goeglein on 09/04 at 10:21 AM