EXCLUSIVE: T. M. Goeglein Addresses How Bullying Sometimes is a Faceless Crime

Exclusive video interview, posted on “Fangirlish” on 10/30/13

No one ever deserves it,” and yet so much of bullying is how one sees themself through the eyes of others. We are not excused from critical analysis by our looks, by our so-called smarts, fashion sense, home life and all the other things people feel they have a right to commentate on. Life today relies so heavily on snark and snarky, smart-ass comments that sometimes we forget the people on the receiving end of those words. Kindness is such an under-appreciated response to all things socially viable and in an international culture that values a smart mouth — that it can get you out of all sorts of situations or that humor comes only in the form of wise-cracking putdowns, the ultimate display of dominance in today’s dog-eat-dog world.

(NOTE: No potential triggers in this video that I can tell.)


The Less Than Three Conference wants you to know it doesn’t have to be that way. There should be no reason to find your self-worth in putting others down or making them feel bad. If that is the way you build yourself up, you are not going about it the right way. You will eventually find people only like you out of fear and in that interim, you will have destroyed and hurt so many others that they will be searching desperately for real friends who do build them up and understand the importance of kindness in all things.

Even if you don’t know the person or you think the person’s views are ridiculous, leaving hateful anonymous comments does not lead to discussion or intelligent choices. Whenever you can, you should be encouraging growth of character and frank conversations, because as far as humanity goes, it is the best way to build a better future. If you have to hide behind your computer, user name, or an identity you’ve created to keep the real person you are from being known so that you can speak meanly, make threats, bully others about; your existence still leads to the misery of others who do choose to put themselves out there, to be honest with their real selves in hopes of finding a place to belong… truly belong.

Isn’t that what everyone’s looking for? A place to connect on multiple levels with another human in a way that they don’t feel so alone, like an outcast. And no one is exempt from this need. Be careful what you say and how you say it.

On the flip side of this too, never assume you cannot make a difference with your words either. T. M. Goeglein spoke of multiple friends who he thought had it all together, and yet, each one of them felt out of place, as though they did not fit in. He found himself in the unique position of being the one person with a simple compliment or an invitation to a party and making it all about the fun rather than the event — he became the example of the nicer side of their peer group. ”Never think no matter what you say, it won’t help — if you have the chance to say something positive, do it,” he explained when telling his story.

Don’t you agree. Let’s make this world a better place for everyone. Do not let the facelessness of online social media allow you to become less than the best friend, the kind activist you need others to be to you. Because afterall, the golden rule still stands today: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Special thanks to “Fangirlish” for this interview, and these Anti-Bullying resource links:

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Posted by T.M. Goeglein on 10/31 at 08:47 AM